Aaron Benson

About Me

BenVisual is a multimedia hub creatively used by Photographer/Videographer Aaron Benson to house his work in both photography and video production.

Who is Aaron Benson?

Husband, Father, son, Photographer, Videographer. He is all of those things and more. He grew up in Renton, Washington as a youth with the loving passion to create and that passion still lives on to this day.

Aaron started creating in high school by being allowed to borrow cameras from his high school so that he could create mini movies and take photos with his friends around town. Aaron became serious about his craft in early 2017 to try and make a business out of what he loved to do best and what he is most passionate about.

With photography Aaron has a unique way of stopping time with the click of button on his camera to capture all of those special moments from candid shots, to adding foreground elements for fashion/portrait sessions that help aid in his unique style. Video production allows Aaron to get really creative with his visions, from producing music videos to making online content for small businesses.

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